Why choose me?

Listed below will be the majority of events or items I have been involved in….

I have listed them as current to past.

  • President of Active Cambridge
  • Owner of The Hub Bicycle Shop Ltd
  • Past Board of Management with A Better Cambridge
  • Past member of City Advisory Committee CARAC
  • Past member of City Advisory Committee of CCAP
  • Past member of Cambridge Youth Advisory Committee for Riverside Dirt Jump Park
  • Past Vice Chair of Hespeler BIA
  • Past member of CTAC
  • Organizing member of the Cambridge Crit
  • Organizer of Hespeler Gran Prix of Cyclocross





Either through our business or on my own I am a big volunteer in the community at Neighbourhood Bicycle Rodeos, Tour de Grand, Ride Don’t Hide and other community events.

We are a Cambridge Family of five, My wife Meredith, our three children and two dogs really enjoy all Cambridge has to offer.   It really is ” All Right Here”



2 thoughts on “Why choose me?

  1. Hi Clifford, might I cake a suggestion? You have used a lot of short forms, as you’ve described what you do. Not everyone understands that though short forms mean, so it diminished the impact of your statements. I’d like to know what you stand for, so please help me get to know you better. 🙂

    1. Thank you very much for the feedback. I do apologize for the short form points. Pulling the campaign together has been a busy one and I have not had a chance to get back to the website. I hope to have a blog added by Sunday with more depth on what’s I stand for. I can message or meet in person as well if there are specific concerns you have. I do appreciate the post 👍

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