Cliff is already very involved in the community, trustworthy as heck and easy to approach. He would make an excellent councillor.

L. Simmonds – Cambridge ON

Clifford is an excellent candidate for Ward 1 Councillor.
Clifford has decades of Community & Business Leadership.
Cambridge needs leaders with Integrity & Competence who will stand-up for Family Values & for the health and safety of our Communities.
That leader is Clifford Vanclief.
Vote Clifford for a better Cambridge!”

B. Scott – Cambridge ON

I have known Cliff since high school, and he has always been a stand-up person of solid moral fiber, with an intuitive sense of right and wrong. Operating a community cornerstone of Cambridge’s Hespeler core, Cliff would always keep Cambridge’s best interests in mind while serving as Ward I Councillor.”

Adam B – Cambridge ON

I have had the pleasure of working with and getting to know Clifford over the past several years. In that time I have witnessed the passion and sincerity he has for Cambridge, more importantly for the people! He is such a positive, engaged and active member of the community. We desperately need Cliff on our city council, someone who truly cares and will always do what is best for the people of Cambridge! Please join me in supporting positive change, please vote for Clifford.

Ozzie. A –  Cambridge ON



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