Safety on our streets

During this campaign I have had the opportunity to talk with many residents in Ward 1 and across Cambridge.  Outside of the common concern of taxes and ROI on our share of taxes, homeless/opioid crisis and the feeling City Council has not been listening, there is one underlying concern and that is SAFETY.

People are worried about safety in their neighbourhoods.  I am touching on the safety aspect of vehicles and their speeds and driving habits.  In many areas of Ward 1, the residents feel that cars are traveling to fast for the conditions.  I have had more than one resident say they have contacted City Hall and City Council to be told they cannot fix the issue.  I believe we can, I believe we can investigate successful speed calming measures.

With the new construction happening, the future condos and subdivisions that will come we need a focused approach on how we will deal with increase in traffic.  There are too many neighbourhoods that motorists are using as shortcuts to their regular commutes.  Two examples are Fisher Mills in Hespeler and Trico Dr in Preston.  City Council needs to look into an effective way to deal with the volume and speed of the cars in areas like this.

I have always tried to reduce my dependence on a car.  We are a family of 5 and we strive to remain a one car family.  There are many reasons behind our decision to do this but this decision allows me the opportunity to walk, cycle and take public transit.  I am out on the streets everyday and I see the driving habits.  There are many times I have had close calls.  If we are to try to get people out of their cars and use alternate forms of transportation, we need to make our streets safe.  If we are to confidently send our kids to school on their own, we need to ensure our streets are safe.

As a City Councillor I will continue to work with agencies that promote safe to school routes, committees that address traffic calming issues and our Provincial leaders to assist in education programs that target poor driving habits.

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