Last weekend before school starts

Tuesday Sept 4 came too fast although we all knew it was on its way.  The day our kids headed back to school to start an exciting school year.  All three of them met the morning with eagerness and anticipation.  The morning went off smoothly and we were happy to see all the great staff at the school.

With back to school comes a routine change for us at our house.  The campaign will start to move into full swing.   We have our signs on order and we have the post cards coming for the door knock campaign. If you are in Ward 1 and you would like to request a sign, please send me a message and I will get you one for your lawn or business.  If you need to know what ward you live in, here is a quick link

Voting will start on October 3 with Advance Voting opening up.  It is really easy to vote this year with Advance Voting, Online Voting and Election Day.  Please make sure you are out to vote, your vote is your voice.  Below is a quick link to highlight voting days.

Hopefully your back to school, end of summer or back to routine week is off to a good start.  Remember summer is not really over, there are some great days to enjoy event, the weather, neighbours and quiet time.

See you all on the campaign trail.

Clifford Vanclief – Ward 1 Candidate

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