The Landscape is Changing

Above is a panoramic photo of the Hwy 24/Hespeler Rd N round-a- bout and in the distance the new subdivision being built between Maple Groove and Speedsville Rd.

As our City and the Region grow there are going to be growing pains. We need to adjust to more traffic on certain roads and different types of features on these roads. For instance, the round-a- bout. Not everyone enjoys them or know what to do in them but we need to adapt to them. We can educate our friends, co-workers, families, etc on the way to use them instead of criticizing. Another feature will be bike lanes shared or separated. Again, not everyone will agree with them but as transportation methods change so do our perceptions of how to drive.

One of the biggest challenges we are going to face is the balance between maintaining our precious farm and natural landscapes and building adequate housing for everyone. This will mean higher density projects in core areas. We need to keep an open mind and look at the true benefits of what projects are being proposed. Between an open dialog with Regional Council, Provincial and Federal Governments, I am confident we can find funding and solutions to all the challenges we face in the upcoming years. As Ward 1 Councilor I will work to ensure your concerns are listened to.

If you have anything you wish to talk about prior to the election I’d be happy to meet.

Thank you

Clifford Vanclief

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