Nominations closed

As of yesterday at 2pm the chance to file Nominations closed.  The local election will be an interesting one to follow this year with a large number of Candidates running for Council and Mayor.

Please make sure you vote!  We have historical have low voter turn out which reflects who is voted in.  There are numerous ways to vote, advance polls, online and day of vote.

I fully believe Cambridge is on an exciting new path.  There are a lot of great things happening and I would like to be part of the decision making process.  Over the years I have developed a skill of being able to balance multiple opinions.  I feel I can give Ward 1 a strong voice at Council that will take everyone’s view into consideration.

Let’s vote for a united voice for Cambridge and vote for Clifford Vanclief as your Ward 1 Councillor

If you want to talk further, please contact me via email, phone or social media.

I look forward to hearing from you




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